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These young Israeli immigrants are traveling across the world to share the personal stories of their aliyah – the challenges and the triumphs, the hardships and the successes.

These young individuals come to Israel with a dream of rebuilding their lives in the Jewish homeland, many times all alone and often without any resources. They are representative of the hundreds of thousands of brave olim from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, South America and Europe who weave the unique and diverse tapestry that is Israeli society.

These speakers enable audiences to hear first-hand how their generous support of the Jewish Agency is affecting lives and contributing to the growth and security of their homeland. The experience is transformative not only for those listening, but also for those telling the tale. “When I talk with people, a lot of times, there are moments I start to cry,” says Lora Yagudin. "People in the audience start to cry with me. It’s really exciting and emotional.”


Nimi Elkayam
“The Atidim in Industry Program is a gift. I am now studying for my degree in engineering at the Technion while interning at one of the best companies in Israel – Iscar Metalworking."  More

Victoria Hazan-Elfassy
“My husband came to Israel alone from France. I did the same from Morocco. We met and fell in love as very new immigrants at a Jewish Agency Absorption Center and then served in the Israeli army, helping to build and protect our country.” More
Ofer Baram
“For eight years I’ve seen terror destroy peoples’ lives. When someone’s home is wiped out by a Kassam rocket, they are lost. When I came with a check from the Jewish Agency’s SOS Fund I gave them hope. I showed them that they are not forgotten.” More
Assia Avera
“I will never forget my mother waking me in the middle of the night to tell me we were leaving for Jerusalem. I was only seven, but I knew that Jews were not allowed to leave Ethiopia. From that night on we were always in danger..." More
Anna Kopytov
“The Jewish Agency brought about a renaissance of Jewish identity in Gomel, Belarus after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Suddenly our community came alive with holiday celebrations and Jewish learning..." More
Ana Luiza Tapia
“I completed medical school in Brazil and then did my specialization in intensive care at UCLA. But I saw how hard it was for my parents to raise us Jewishly in Brazil..." More
Alona Poupesheva
“My decision to come to Israel on the Na’aleh program when I was 15 was completely spontaneous. I didn’t think about the consequences. But I have been given so many incredible opportunities in this country and I have so many aspirations for my life here.” More

Gavriel Azulay - Sderot, Israel:
“My connection to youth and love of horses led me to direct the horseback riding therapy program at the Ben Yakir Youth Aliyah Village."  More

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