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The Elite Youth Spending National Service Year in Arad

Tsameret is the Hebrew word for treetop. It is often use to express the elite of something or someone. Tsameret is also the name or an organization in Israel that have a special program for high school graduators, who postponed their army service in order to volunteer in the community.

Shira, Leah, Yael, Liran, Tehila, Shir, Gilad and Shaul are such young people, meaning the elite of the youth who finished their National Service year in Arad. They left behind lots of amazing activities and achievements, and many people who will miss them. In September, the third year of the Tsameret National Service year in Arad began, a project funded by the Partnership. This year there are 10 young people: Yishay, Shani, Tsahala, Itai, Chen, Lia, Sivan, Hadar and Ravid. In the mornings they help out in the Schools all over the city, and in the afternoon they continue their great work at the youth clubs, the Community Center Youth Department, the Tsameret youth movement that they established in the Arad, in the Orly Absorption Center for Ethiopian immigrants, Ran's Place and the Warm Home for Girls, both clubs for youth at risk and other projects, some of are also funded by the Partnership, such as Gesher - Teens Leadership Development in Arad, New Jersey and Delaware . They will be closely supervised by Idit Shor from Tsameret, who will also join them in the wonderful work they are doing in the city.

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