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Central Arava - Australia
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Amazing Partnership Activist, Tamara Bruce, Visited the Arava

Tamara was as always a powerhouse of energy, meeting with many of the region's most important movers and shakers, including Council Head Ezra Ravins and new Arava Development Co. Director Eyal Blum for a talk about the directions that the region is taking, and how the Partnership can continue to work hand-in-hand with the Council for the good of the region and the Partnership.

Tamara visited the AICAT – Arava International Center for Agriculture Training and met students from Laos, they all had a very interesting conversation about agriculture, development and the student's plans for the future.Tamara  also visited the Council's new Health Dept. to hear about the latest plans for development of the field in the Arava, including ever the increasing activities for the region's senior citizens; the pride of the region is in the absorption of our second generation of settlers, but the veteran settlers who founded the region aren't getting any younger! The ability to care for these original members of the Arava's first communities is becoming an important regional priority.

 Tamara also met with Limmud volunteers and Partnership activists, as well as visiting the Arava Leadership Academy and the Hebrew Labor project (Academy graduates), meeting with directors and students/participants. And finally, as if her jam-packed stay in the region wasn't enough, Tamara also met with Boaz Israeli from Praxis, with whom the Partnership worked on regional development programs last year, prior to her arrival in the region, as well as after her departure! We love you Tamara! Thank you and come back again soon! 

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