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The Solidarity Delegation: A Storybook Delegation - 2/12/2009
This story sounds as if it was taken from a book of fairy tales.
What Do Israelis and Canadians Have In Common? - 26/11/2009
No, that wasn't the beginning of a joke, so don't wait for a punchline. It is a special event that took place this week in Beersheva.
"Aharai" Delegation- Travel Diary - 26/10/2009
When you think of Jews in the Diaspora, the first words that come up in your head are: anti-Semitism, feeling alone, lost Jewish tradition and values.. We found the exact opposite in Montreal.
Dorot 2009 - 14/9/2009
During 3 days of our summer vacation, we joined a Canadian delegation that was travelling in Israel.
Coming Events: Hot Winter! - 14/9/2009
In the last few years we started a blessed tradition of exchanging delegations between Beer Sheva-Bnei Shimon and Montreal.
Rosh Hashana "Seder" At The Family Of Liora And Shlomo Bleiberg - Customs And Some Recipes - 13/9/2009
The Rosh HaShana "Seder" in our family follows the Sephardi tradition is strongly influenced by my father's household, Yaacov Even Ezra z"l, the 8th generation in a upstanding Jerusalemite family, as
Atzmona Community at Shomria: Rosh Hashanah - Singing the Song of Hope Anew - 13/9/2009
Which is more important, the beginning or the end? Seemingly, the answer is clear: the end! When a person has labored on the creation of some sort of product, certainly it is the final result that
Shana Tova From Partnership Director Ran Sagee - 13/9/2009
We are told that the summer has already passed and it was the hottest ever.
Shana Tova from Ellen Yarrow, Israel & Overseas Department, FEDERATION CJA - 13/9/2009
Dear friends.
"Community Stage" - 13/9/2009
By Yaron Shifoni On Tuesday, the 18th of August, a unique event took place in Kibbutz Crammim, in which the community hosted the workers of the Kibbutz and their families.
Shorashim Delegation - 13/9/2009
If I was asked to describe the "Shorashim Delegation" in my own words I would have said that it is one of the greatest projects, a project that strengthens the connection between the Diaspora and
Loving Israel From Afar - 13/9/2009
By members of the Israeli delegation Each year hundreds of campers from around the world come to Camp Bnai Brith, a summer camp located north of Montreal, Canada.
The Cornerstone Ceremony For "Start-Up" Beer Sheva\Bnei Shimon - 13/9/2009
By Sarit Landsman Facebook: More Photos One o'clock in the afternoon, Peace street in Be'er Sheva. Extremely hot weather. Some respected public figures are gathered to greet on an improvised stage.
Let It Be - It's Not Just A Lyric - 13/9/2009
"Let it be, let it be", Ran, one of the graduates of "Aharai" ("Follow me!") Project is humming to himself.
Montreal Steering Committee Visit In Israel - 13/9/2009
By Sarit Landsman With the arrival of our Montreal friends, we started a series of tours among the many beautiful projects of "Shutfut 2000" in the city of Beer Sheva and the local council of Bnei
Shana Tova from the Montreal Chairperson Mr. Larry Nachshen - 13/9/2009
In a few days our Jewish people worldwide will celebrate the start of the observance of the Jewish High Holy Days.
Shana Tova from the Israeli Chairperson, Mr. Shelly Guttmann - 13/9/2009
It is almost New Year's Eve. Every New Year is like opening a new chapter in our books of life.
Shana Tova from Ms. Sigal Moran, Head of the Bnei Shimon Regional Council - 13/9/2009
To all our friends in Montreal, It is only seven months since I was elected Mayor of Bnei Shimon Regional Council, yet it seems that even in this short time there have been great developments in our
Shana Tova from Mr. Rubik Danilovich, Mayor of Beer Sheva - 13/9/2009
The blessed cooperation between the city counsel of Beer Sheva and, Bnei Simon region, with partnership 2000 and Montreal community, has led us to start many breakthrough projects in a variety of
Israeli Campers to Canada - 23/8/2009
Each year hundreds of campers from around the world come to Camp Bnai Brith, a summer camp located north of Montreal, Canada.
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