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Beer Sheva-Bnei Shimon - Montreal
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The Sephardic Volunteers - 4/1/2011
From Ynetnews Montreal group boosts Diaspora-Israel relations by volunteering in Beersheba Each year, a mission of Sephardic members of the Montreal Jewish community comes to Beersheba within the
An Ending is Just the Beginning: Diller Program In Beer-Sheva Bnei-Shimon Partnership - 26/10/2010
From Ran Sagee, director of Beer Sheva Partnership 2000 Graduates of cycle 2 of the Diller-Partnership 2000 Teen Leadership program and their families gathered at the beginning of October for an
Shana Tova to the Partnership 2000 Community - 7/9/2010
A new year is upon us and in the best of a developing tradition, we're issuing the Partnership 2000 online newsletter for a fourth time.
Flower of Leadership - 7/9/2010
The Family Perach project was developed by ten students from the Ethiopian community who are members of Beer Sheva Start-Up Center. They were accompanied and guided by Mr. Benny Feibush.
Pipeline to Success and Leadership - 7/9/2010
One of the tools for strengthening entrepreneurs and business owners is the creation of a social network via joint gatherings, i.e., workshops, entrepreneur clubs, training sessions, conferences, etc.
A Decade for Start-Up - 7/9/2010
When I first heard of the establishment of Start-Up, I truly didn't understand its importance.
Young Leadership - 7/9/2010
"We, as a group of young people living in the Negev, seek its continued development and strengthening via the establishment of a social infrastructure, community action, and our relationship with the
Acharai Goes to Kefiada - 7/9/2010
Last August we gathered together-young people from Beer Sheva and Montreal, Canada-and spent three very special and fun weeks with each other.
"May We Be At The Head And Not The Tail" - Chen Ezra Talks About Diller Leadership - 7/9/2010
As the New Year approaches-to my great joy the 17th I am celebrating in Israel-I'm delighted to go back in time and reexamine myself following this amazing and empowering year I've had, thanks
Light for the New Year - 7/9/2010
Dear friends, We are fast approaching the New Year, may it bring blessings upon us. And as always, beginnings also signify an end.
Young Canadian Volunteers Prefer Negev's Capital - 29/7/2010
Over the past month, the city of Beersheba and the Bnei Shimon Regional Council have been the beneficiaries of special reinforcements: Young Canadians who are visiting Israel as part of the Kefiada
Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky Presents Award to Beer Sheva-Bnei Shimon - Montreal Partnership's School Living Bridge Project - 6/7/2010
The "Partnership Award of Excellence" was presented at the 4th Annual Partnership 2000 Conference in Jerusalem, "Jewish Peoplehood Every Day Around the World", held in conjunction with the Jewish
Freedom Fighter Natan Sharansky Visits Afik School of the Arts in Beer-Sheva - 24/3/2010
Last week, as part of the School Living Bridge program, famed freedom fighter Natan Sharansky visited Afik School of the Arts. Mr.
"A Jewish Hero" - Nathan Sharansky - 24/3/2010
Solomon Schechter School Montreal and Afik School in Beer-Sheva discuss Jewish Identity with Nathan Sharansky JAFI Chair By Solomon Schechter Principal Dr.
One, Who Knows? - 'One' is the Community - 16/3/2010
Beer Sheva, Bnei Shimon and Montreal, three municipalities in one breath.
Two, Who Knows? Two Are The Sides To The Partnership - 16/3/2010
Our world is based on dualism. Our understanding of concepts is based on the connection between opposites-good and bad, light and darkness, etc.
Three Who Knows? Three Are The Regions - 16/3/2010
"And I sent before you Moses, Aaron and Miriam" (Micha 6:4) As in the exodus from Egypt that we celebrate on Passover, we too have three leaders and, as in the Haggadah, they are two men and a woman.
Four Who Knows? Four Are The Partners In Pipeline To Success - 16/3/2010
The Pipeline to Success project is the fruit of a partnership between four bodies: Netafim Corporation, Ma'avarim Center, MATI Beer Sheva, and Partnership 2000 (a Jewish Agency project).
Five Who Knows? Five Are The Foundations Of The Center For Theatrical Excellence - 16/3/2010
The Center for Theatrical Excellence, scheduled to be established in Beer Sheva, combines five significant foundations: extracting the core of excellence found within each person and bringing it out,
Six Who Knows? Six Are The Highlight Events And Moments Of Teen Leadership - 16/3/2010
Hi Everyone, This year we've chosen to share with you six moments/facets that attest to the thousands of hours of activity of our Young Leadership groups: Opening of the activity year - three groups
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