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Beit Shean Spring Valley -Cleveland
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Shana Tova From Partnership Chair Yisrael Nedivi

To All Our Friends and Partners –  East and West:

Once again, we find ourselves at the dawn of a new year.  It is at this time that we as individuals, and as a whole, must examine our deeds of the previous year as we enter a new one.

This past year was marked by changes:  Changes in work plans and changes in personnel—people have left us and new people have joined us.  The most noticeable change was our move to a new Partnership House. 

As in all changes, one finds disadvantages as well as advantages.  I hope and I'm sure we'll be able to look to the future and march on.

As this New Year begins, our aim is to rethink and plan our Partnership's vision, its goals and how to implement them.

This must be a collaborative process that includes all of the parties involved in our activity.  Collaboration is essential so that we may examine ourselves and our work, and think in concert with all of the organizations and bodies we cooperate with. 

Joint planning is an essential steppingstone to fruitful collaboration.

I send my best wishes and praise to our partners in Cleveland, notably Cindy Attias and Oren Baratz; to the people of the Jewish Agency who accompany us daily; to employees of the city and the Regional Council with whom we enjoy close and productive cooperation; naturally, to Mayor Jacky Levi and head of the Regional Council Yoram Karin; to the Partnership staff who carry the load of the Partnership's valuable work; and last and not least, the many volunteers who dedicate their time and energy for the sake of residents of the community and the region.

Let us hope that in this upcoming year, we may fulfill the High Holiday prayer: "May this next year be a blessed one that finds us sovereign in our Land and inscribed for a good life."

Yisrael Nedivi

Chair, Partnership 2000 – Beit Shean-Valley of Springs - Cleveland  

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