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Beit Shemesh- Mateh Yehuda - Washington -South Africa
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Partnership 2000 Fundraising Seminar with David Epstein

This October Partnership 2000 Beit Shemesh - Mateh Yehuda - Washington - South Africa of the Jewish Agency is organizing two seminars on fundraising with David Meir Epstein of Israel Grants. The purpose of the seminars is to help local non-profits to learn how to raise funds and not be dependent on Partnership funds or even funds from the local municipalities. In this challenging economic times when many non-profits are closing it is important to have all the necessary skills to stay afloat.

David has many years of experience and has helped non profits to raise millions of dollars. The seminars will be focusing on: how to plan a successful fundraiser, how to work with the business sector, and how to approach foundations. Over nine different organizations will be participating in the seminars including those who have received P2K support in the past and foundations we have not yet worked with in the fields of : cycling, health, environment, learning disabilities.
Following is a quote by a participant:

"Melabev Beit Shemesh would like to thank Brenda Ganot and Partnership 2000 for organizing an excellent and informative lecture series by David Epstein on the topic of fundraising. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet other local amutot and to gain important tools to strengthen each of our organizations. We are looking forward to the next session! Thank you and Shabbat Shalom, Shoshana Lichtman"


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