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Beit Shemesh- Mateh Yehuda - Washington -South Africa
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Moments Of Jewish Peoplehood :Desert Queen 2010


For the third consecutive year, the Jewish Agency for Israel and Geographical Tours joined forces to undertake one of the most exciting Jewish women-to-women experiences: Desert Queen 2010 (October 27 - November 2).

Amit Yaniv Zehavi, Relationships Coordinator Partnership 2000 Beit Shemesh - Yehuda - Washington - South Africa, shares her experiences.

Put 40 Jewish women from around the world together in the desert for a week, throw in some jeep driving, dancing under the stars, delicious meals and sleeping outdoors, and you've got a recipe for success. 

I was not alone in my sheer enjoyment of Desert Queen, a joint project of Partnership 2000 (P2K), the Geographical Tours and Y-net, that brings together a diverse group of women from around the world to spend a week together in the desert. 

P2K is a Jewish Agency platform connecting over 550 Jewish communities around the world with an emphasis on the personal connection.

This journey was a wonderful opportunity for adventure, community-building and personal growth.

Our jeep included two women from America and two from Mateh Yehuda, outside of Jerusalem. During the journey, the women shared their personal stories and we discovered our commonalities as Jewish women

It is hard to imagine a better place for opening one's heart than the heart of the Arava desert with the breathtakingly beautiful landscape of Israel.

During our journey, we rappelled in Mitzpeh Ramon, we rode dirt bikes to the backdrop of a twisting sunrise, we took evening walks in the desert, we sang, we created, we danced, we cried, we laughed and we were emotional.

One of the best moments for me was during a quiet Shabbat afternoon when some young, female participants on Masa Israel, a project of the Jewish Agency and the government of Israel, shared their personal stories and moved the women all around to such an extent that we all wanted to adopt them! 

On a personal note, I found myself floating 20 inches off the ground the days following our journey.

I recommend Desert Queen for any woman who wants to test her capabilities, recognize her own power, and get to know Jewish women from around the world.



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