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Parents Learn About The School Twinning Program At Hartuv Primary School

Written by: Tali Aharon, teacher and member of the Living Bridge team at the school

As you already know, Hartuv Primary School is part of the School  Twinning program run by the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 Beit Shemesh  - Mateh Yehuda - Washington - South Africa.

The program's operational team thought it would be appropriate to involve the parents of the fast track English class students. The idea was to introduce them to the ideology, concept, values and unforgettable experiences which their children are receiving and, of course, to generate among the parents a sense of partnership in the program. The team is aware that the parents are an inseparable part of the children's lives and, as such, they are highly desirable indirect partners.

On Tuesday November 2nd,  an introductory evening was held at the school. We were delighted by the excellent attendance. All the students in the class came together with their excited parents. The children, conducted by Howie Gordon, sang South African songs and danced to their rhythms. They sang "Waving Flag" by reggae hiphop artist K'naan, and some played wind instruments. It was very moving. At the end of the evening the building shook with the singing of the parents, children and guests in unison, with a rousing rendition of "The Whole World Is A Very Narrow Bridge', in English and Hebrew.

It was a very special evening, thanks to the impressive roster of guests who came to participate in the event: former South Africa community representative Micky Blumberg, education and youth committee chairman Mor Tzehubani-Carni, project trustee Ruti Barkali, educational mentor Avigail Arvana and Partnership project director Sonia Shurhavetsky. The participants were also joined by a significant delegation of partnership chairmen who came straight from South Africa: Renee Swill, Madelein Fane and Moonyeen Castle. The visit added great excitement to the evening, for parents, children and staff alike.

You can watch the events of the evening on the school web site, at:

and, naturally, photos at:



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