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Beit Shemesh- Mateh Yehuda - Washington -South Africa
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Partnership2Gether Young Emissaries Report From DC

Partnership2Gether  Beit Shemesh Mateh Yeuda Washington DC South Africa (P2G) of the Jewish Agency sent last summer 2 Young Emissaries (Shlichot Shnat Sherut) to JPDS (Jewish Primary Day School) in Washington. Beside school the YE's also volunteer in Synagogues and the Scouts in town. The YE's are Nitzan Katz from Moshav Orah and Dasha Tess from Beit Shemesh, who reports:

"It has been an eventful four months since we have arrived in Washington and there is a feeling, now that schools are in their winter break, that we can proudly look at what we have accomplished and carry on with the rest of the year with confidence.

In these few months we found the wonderfully rewarding feeling that the work we do can bring us and furthermore we discovered how being in Washington can expose us to some amazing experiences.

An example of which is having the chance to help the sixth grade class in the amazing school we go to every day, decorate ambassador Michael Oran's Sukkah before the holiday.
We can't wait to continue on with our year and hope for a great rest of the year for everyone."

These days P2G finishes the process of choosing the YE's for next year.

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