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Carmiel-Misgav - Pittsburgh
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Shana Tova

Dear friends - our extended family in Pittsburgh,

Our partnership celebrates its 18th year, but I think the last year was one of the most important and memorable years of its history.

The year started with our new vision, mission, values and goals that were formulated by the new steering committee consisting of lay
 leaders on both sides.

The emphasis and core was given to the word "Kesher" – contact, or connection.

Kesher between kids, youth, young adults and adults.

Kesher through a variety of ongoing and new projects.

And Kesher through the "Mega-Mission."

All through the year preparations were made on both sides. We knew that we had a great opportunity to make an impact on 300 of our dear brothers and sisters and we did everything possible to succeed.

Watching the Kesher form between families through the 2.5 days in the area was fantastic and receiving the feedback afterwards was gratifying.

We know that we have extended our Jewish family in Pittsburgh and that our vision has come that much closer to fruition.

Here in Israel we may be facing some challenging times this coming year – we know we can rely on your support and prayer.

We hope for the best and wish you a very happy and successful year – for the Jewish Federation and for all the community - its synagogues, schools, JCC and other agencies, and to each and every family.

For the new year we wanted to share with you a "Dvar Torah," a Torah interpretation of the word
בראשית  - the first word in the bible "In the beginning"...

Why was this word chosen to open the holy book of all...

Well, if you analyze it you see that it consists of the word
ברית which means a covenant or pact and inside it the letters א   and  - ש  בר א ש ית

א   stands for the word אמת  and the ש  for the word שלום.

אמת  means Truth - our truths, principles, values, ideologies, what we believe in and what we hold important and just.

שלום  means Peace - our way to understand the truths of others, make compromises, and our willingness to waver some of our truths in order to be able to live with our neighbors, or even our enemies.

So one way to understand why
בראשית  is the word to open the bible is because it holds a very important wisdom to a good life – the ability to make a pact between the truths and values we must hold, and the places where we can listen to the truths and values of others, make compromises, and accept them.

For the next year we wish us all that we will be able to do so in our personal lives with our loved ones, at work, and in the KESHSR between us in our Partnership, and bring our shared vision and values much closer.

שנה טובה    to all...

Galit Hoffman & Ilan Meyer – Co-Chair for Partnership 2gether Karmiel-Misgav

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