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Emek Hefer - Richmond
The Best Kept Secrets Of Emek-Hefer
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Religious & Cultural Life
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Emek Hefer Welcomes Shimon Peres
By Robin B. Zeiger The village of K’far Haroe (Emek Hefer) dressed up on June 6 in its finest to welcome Israel President Shimon Peres for a pre-Shavuot tekes and chagigah (ceremony and celebration).
Natan Sharansky Celebrates with Ben Yakir: A Very Special Bar Mitzvah
By Robin B. Zeiger Meuleh, the Israeli slang for excellent, is truly the best word for my experience at the recent annual Bar Mitzvah celebration at Ben Yakir.
The Amazing Music
By Robin B. Zeiger Music can often bring me to a very spiritual place. Perhaps it is a glimpse of Gan Eden.
US Camp Experience Spawns Innovative Kabbalat Shabbat Experience in Emek Hefer
by Robin B. Zeiger My memories of Friday in Richmond are of crowding everything into the end of the week at work and waiting with anticipation for the weekend.

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