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Partnership 2000 And Maccabi Games!

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Sweet Virginia Breeze in Emek Hefer, Israel
Partnership 2000, Richmond's Ballet, and Beth Yitzhak Present an International Program Robin B. Zeiger The strains of Sweet Virginia Breeze fill the packed school auditorium.
A Very Special Ceramics Room
Robin B. Zeiger Entering the ceramics room at Bet David, a day program for senior citizens in Emek Hefer, is like entering another world.
What Direction Does A Bedouin Tent Face And Why?
Read Whitney Frost's blog and discover the answer. Whitney, a native of Richmond, Virginia is spending this year in Israel as an Otzma participant.
Project Otzma Welcomes Richmond to Emek Hefer
by Robin B. Zeiger On a recent Sunday afternoon, I was treated to a special occasion; a picnic in the Bet Shemesh forest with a unique group of volunteers in Israel.
Emek Hefer Teen Links Up With Richmond Peers for JCC Maccabi Games
by Robin B. Zeiger Tzuf Levy, 17, Maccabi athlete, has been to America twice before. In spite of this, he could not say enough good things about his trip to Richmond.
Emek Hefer Parent: I "Virtually" Went To Richmond This Summer
by Tal Levy * I feel as if I virtually went to Richmond, Virginia this summer. It all began innocently with a simple question by our 17-year old son, Tzuf.
Richmond Pupil Shares Maccabi Games Experience With Emek Hefer Peers
by Robin B. Zeiger Erin Hecht 15, Richmond Maccabi participant, is a typical 10th grade student at Godwin High School. Like most teens, she enjoys her social life.
Richmond Family Hosts Emek Hefer Athletes for JCC Maccabi Games
by Robin B. Zeiger Richmond hosted the JCC Maccabi Games this year. Over 800 youth Jewish youth participated, including 13 from Emek Hefer, Richmond's Jewish Agency Partnership 2000 Region in Israel.
P2k Maccabi Delegation To Richmond
Hi Everyone! Here is my first posting from Richmond - yes we have arrived. We left you yesterday evening and had a fast check in at Ben Gurion, and had enough time in Duty Free to spend some shekels.
שותפות 2000 עמק חפר - ריצ'מונד מזמינה אותך להגיש את מועמדותך: למשחקי מכבי בריצ'מונד,ארה"ב
אם את/ה ספורטאי/ת* בגילאים 13 - 16בוא/י והצטרף/י לחווית מפגש ישראלי-אמריקאי ב- משחקי מכבי בריצ'מונד, ארה"ב- קיץ 2010 המשלחת תצא בין התאריכים 25/07/10 - 8/8/10 כדי להתקבל עליך להיות: בגילאים 13 - 16

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