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Emek Hefer - Richmond
The Best Kept Secrets Of Emek-Hefer
In Love With Emek- Hefer
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Partnership 2000
People to People
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Partnership 2000 is About People To People
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What Direction Does A Bedouin Tent Face And Why?
Read Whitney Frost's blog and discover the answer. Whitney, a native of Richmond, Virginia is spending this year in Israel as an Otzma participant.
Two Homes/Two Sets of Special Friend
By Robin B. Zeiger, Ph.D. On my recent visit to Richmond, I was welcomed by so many readers and friends.
30 Seconds About Paradigms and Israel
By Nadav Schachter, Israeli Emissary (Shaliach) of the JCFR Before we get started, I should introduce myself: My name is Nadav Schachter and I'm the new Israeli Emissary/Shaliach in Richmond.
The Delicacies of Emek Hefer
By Robin B. Zeiger, Ph.D. One of the bonuses of living in Emek Hefer is all the wonderful Israeli food. I have already shared with you one of my favorite restaurants, HaRoeh B’café.
Richmond Ballet Come to Emek-Hefer
Richmond Ballet Goes International
By Robin B. Zeiger About the Author: The author, Robin B. Zeiger, Ph.D., a resident of Richmond Virginia for 18 years is now living in Emek Hefer, Israel with her family.
From Richmond To Emek-Hefer

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