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A personal letter to Nicky - Counselor at the Summer Camp

Nicky, beloved son:

It has been a month since you left home, your country, in order to contribute in the project and experience this great opportunity - being a counselor at a children's summer camp in the USA.

With no hesitation and with absolute certainty you knew you would give the best of yourself for the success of this project, and that people would enjoy having you there, since you are a very talented and warmhearted young man.
Despite this, all of us here at home, at the little Kibbutz, at the place that saw you grow up, we miss you. Specially, on our Shabbat family reunions or when making dinner for the whole family.

Each one of you, our children, will spread your wings, turn to your own way, and travel the world. We did it as well. We left our home in Buenos Aires to make aliah and came to Israel to build a home and a family. However, notwithstanding our own experience…still, it hurts.

It is commonly said that it hurts to grow up (and we are growing up with you), but it is necessary. And, today, we see your growth and feel we are the springboard from which you can jump high and far, hoping that the values and principles we instilled in you will bear fruit.

We are very proud of you, of the man you have become, and we are happy to witness your success and determination.
Always by your side….

Mom and Dad
The Vorwoff family

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