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Summary of the Perach tutorial project in Eshkol - 2008

During last year, about 20 students from Eshkol Regional Council participated in the Perach tutorial project. Each student or tutor was assigned a child previously identified by the school as entitled to educational assistance and social support.

The Perach project is equally important both for the children and the students.
The activity has a holistic added value that contributes to the advancement of the pupils on many levels.

Due to the large distances that characterize the area of Eshkol Regional Council, this year the P2K Steering Committee proposed helping the students to pay for transportation expenses by means of an additional sum to the existing  Perach scholarship.

The scholarship was granted to the tutors in the presence of Partnerships Director - Ravit Ochayon-Michal, "Yuvalei Habesor School Principal - Mazal Arusi, Regional Council Education Department Director- Yael Adar, Perach Coordinator - Ya'ara Lotem and Projects Coordinator at the Regional Council - Mia Bone.

We look forward to expanding this activity in the forthcoming year.

Happy New Year


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