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Artists In Eshkol

At the end of November, a joint exhibition of artists from Eshkol and Mexico took place at the art gallery in Kibbutz Nir Oz. About 34 artists presented their work at the exhibition, which came as a direct continuation of the one presented in Mexico.

Along with their art pieces, three of the artists whose work was presented at the exhibition, came to Eshkol: Deborah Levinson, Sarah Weisburg, Miriam Libhaber and her husband Sammy. The artists stayed in Nir Oz for four days, during which they visited various art galleries in the Regional Council and enjoyed different art exhibitions.
On their last day in Eshkol, the artists made a joint creation with 5th and 6th grade pupils from the elementary schools "Nitzanei Eshkol" and "Yuvalei Habessor".

The artists prepared beforehand a big piece of canvas divided in small squares. Each pupil was invited to make his personal creation on a specific square. On their creations, the pupils used sand and acrylic colors. The three artists took part in this activity as well, and played Mexican background music.
The schools put together the squares with their pupils' drawings and created a single huge picture with was hung on the school wall.

The bond between the artists from both communities will continue to grow stronger during this year as well through a joint exhibition: "A view on Israel". At the exhibition, three points of view on Israel will be presented: the Mexican artists' view, the Jewish Mexican artists' view and Eshkol artists' view.

To the artists - Thank you for your time and efforts.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Tal Klamer

Photos from the exhibition

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