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1.Thanks to the funds raised at the Happening in support of  Eshkol which took place at the community of NENY, around 60 Net@'s students from all the Gaza surroundings enjoyed a Paintball going-out. It was a really challenging and fun activity both for students and counselors. It was like a breeze of fresh air. The activity had a strongly liberating effect on the youth living in the Gaza surroundings, that need so badly to release everyday fears and tensions they undergo due to the security situation in the area. The 'team spirit' forged among the youth of the various settlements is of great importance as well. This encounter and the interaction created between the different communities in the area, strongly contributed to a deeper acquaintance between the pupils of different ages and communities.

2.Net@+ examination, a practical Net@ examination on computer technician related issues took place last Thursday (February 19th, 2009) in Eshkol - the exam had been originally postponed because of the war, but fortunately all the pupils from Eshkol successfully passed the test. 24 pupils from Eshkol and 5 examiners - 3 of them were Net@ graduates from Eshkol, 1 from Sderot and 1 from Beer Sheva. Counselor examiner - Nir Levy. The test was successfully organized and faultlessly accomplished. Congratulations!

3.The cooperation between Net@ and the operations room continues. An additional training session by Operations Room Officer Benny Sanker is planned to take place shortly. It will deal on conclusions from the Cast Lead Operation and ways to continue the cooperation between us.

4.A youth exchange delegation organized by the Jewish Agency for Israel (Eshkol Partnership) integrated by four 9th graders is planned to leave for Mexico by end March.  One of Net@'s students from Eshkol (Dan Kabitka), participates of this delegation. We wish Dan good luck.

Inbal Bargil Kakoon
Net@ Team Manager

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