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"My Place is Yours" Exhibition - 22/3/2011
On Thursday, 3 March 2010, a "Coffee and Art" encounter was held at the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute with Mexican artists who participated in the Mikomi Mikomcha exhibition.
Daniel Liwerant Visiting Eshkol - 6/3/2011
On Thursday, 24 February Daniel Liwerant, head of the Mexican Jewish community, came to visit the Council.
Safe Internet Day In Eshkol - 6/3/2011
On February 3, 2011 net@ held an activity on the topic of "Safe Internet Day," which has become a tradition at the Nofei Habesor school in Eshkol.
"Women With Spice" - 28/2/2011
During the past year a special relationship was forged between groups of women in Eshkol, Mexico and Northeast New York as part of the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 activities.
A Joint Calendar Was Distributed On Sunday - 28/2/2011
During the past year 4th-grade pupils from Eshkol, Mexico and Northeast New York worked together on designing a joint calendar, which is based on photographs of the pupils at holidays, at play and on
Young Leadership Group - 21/2/2011
On Sunday February 6, 2011 a Young Leadership group attended an ODT activity in Ariel as emissaries of Partnership 2000 Eshkol.
Birthright Visits Eshkol - 21/2/2011
On January 10 a Birthright delegation of 40 students from the State University of New York in Albany came to visit the Yovlei Habesor school.
And The Prize Goes To - Daniel Liwerant - 21/2/2011
Members of the steering committee and the head of the Eshkol Regional Council congratulate Daniel Liwerant on receiving the prestigious "Human Rights Award" from B'nai B'rith Mexico for his
Marci And Randy's Visit To Eshkol - 21/2/2011
Marci Galinkin, representing the Northeast New York Community, arrived in Eshkol on December 14 for a visit. During her visit she met with a group of women from Eshkol at a hands-on culinary evening.

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