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Women's Group From Eshkol, Mexico And Northeast New York Launch A Cookbook Entitled "Women With Spice"

During the past year a special relationship was forged between groups of women in Eshkol, Mexico and Northeast New York as part of the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 activities. 

Within the framework of joint activities between the Partnership and the regional council's Culture Department, a joint cookbook was produced, entitled "Women with Spice."

The book features recipes from the three groups of women and is written in three languages - Hebrew, English and Spanish.  On Tuesday, December 14, a special event was held at Eshkol Hall to launch the cookbook. 

The book launch event featured an appearance by Chef Itzik Assaf, who not only cooked dinner for all 50 of the women who attended, he also put on a culinary stand-up performance.

We laughed a lot, we ate wonderful food, but mostly we enjoyed the company of the many women from the regional council area who came to this special evening. Marci Galinkin, representing the Albany Federation (Northeast New York), was present as well.

Also in attendance were members of the steering committee who volunteer their time for Partnership 2000 in Eshkol: Marcella Kabitkah, Batya Selah, Suzanne Flescher, chairperson Yardena Visoker, and the Partnership director for the Jewish Agency, Ravit Ohayon-Michal. 

At this point we should thank all of the women who took part in this special project - Navah Shalem, Bat-sheva Sa'ad, Ayala Lazar, Etti Davush, Toby Rosenberg, Noa Gozan; and Dalia Harlap, cultural director for the regional council.

May there be many more such cooperative projects.

Tal Kalmer-Gilad
People-to-People coordinator, Eshkol - Mexico - Northeast New York Partnership, Jewish Agency.

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