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Birthright Visits Eshkol

On January 10 a Birthright delegation of 40 students from the State University of New York in Albany came to visit the Yovlei Habesor school.  Upon their arrival they were greeted by Efraim Pelmutter, chairperson of the People to People Committee, and Yarda Visoker, chairperson of the Eshkol Steering Committee.

The students were divided into pairs and went into the classrooms where they taught the pupils a song in English and prepared greetings for Tu Bishvat together with the children.

During the morning recess the pupils showered the visitors from Albany with love and affection.  Some of them played soccer together, others jumped rope, and all over the school you could see students and children embracing each other and communicating.

It was an emotional sight for everyone:  the teachers, those in charge of the Birthright group, and the steering committee representatives.

"Bravo!" to all those who help us in these wonderful endeavors and may we continue to experience these kinds of moving encounters.


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