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Marci And Randy's Visit To Eshkol

Marci Galinkin, representing the Northeast New York Community, arrived in Eshkol on December 14 for a visit.  During her visit she met with a group of women from Eshkol at a hands-on culinary evening.

The women had worked together on writing a cookbook for women from Eshkol, Northeastern New York and Mexico.

We visited several projects already underway, as well as projects slated to begin during 2011. 

During the week we were joined by Randy Shapiro, chairperson of the Northeastern New York Steering Committee. 

Marci and Randy, together with members of the Israeli steering committee visited the Beit Shemesh - Washington - Adulam partnership, where we saw additional projects and witness a three-way partnership that was similar, yet different, from our own.

The visit was ended with a joint steering committee meetings via video-conference.

Marci and Randy's visit was a success, and we are always pleased to host them.  May we be able to host many more such visits.


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