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Partnership 2000 Youth Council

Youth Council members are having a very busy year. They started with a series of meetings with the children in the Absorption Centre in Zfat.

The Youth Council members requested to continue their volunteering at this Centre for the fifth consecutive year, realizing the importance of the connections with the Absorption Centre.

The children, aged 6-10, got a taste of Israeli society, while becoming friends with big sisters and brothers through the programme. In the winter they drank hot cocoa together and listened to a story about a cloud, visited an oil-press and learned how to make olive oil for Hanukkah. The meetings ended with an amazing Purim party prepared by the Youth Council members for their new friends.

The second part of the year was dedicated to an acquaintance with Hanoar Hazioni GAP year hanichim. Their joint journey began with a survival trip in the Galilee mountains. After learning together to light a fire using sticks, the hanichim cooked dinner on an open fire using lots of natural seasonings.
In preparation for Shavuot the youth went together on a joint excursion in Zfat - learning about Shavuot and the Ten Commandments. At the beginning of June, they will mark together the conclusion of the GAP year volunteering period in the North. Then the Youth Council members will begin preparing their annual gathering for all Partnership youth delegation graduates.

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