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Journey for Identity - 1/12/2005
Visit the Journey for Identity Blog Journey for Identity Photo Gallery "Journey" Has Literary Destination Teens Become Instant Family on JFI 2 Journey for Identity Continues in Poland Last Leg
Cultural Exchange - 1/12/2005
The Rochester community benefited greatly from a wonderful, fruitful visit with Elia Raichlin of Modi'in, December 10 – 17.
Cultural Exchange - Summer 2005 - 1/11/2005
Cultural Exchange Co-chairs Richard Markus (in Rochester) and Efrat Kahana (in Modi'in) report that the inaugural participants in the Cultural Exchange have been selected.
Modi'in Logo Contest Results in Fresh New Look - 1/10/2005
A contest to design a logo for our partnership took place this past spring-summer in Modi'in. The winning entry is shown. The logo's designer is Bruria Chason, a 27 year-old graphic designer with a B.
Rochester Teens' Perspective on the "Journey" - 1/10/2005
By Hannah and Jessica
Modi'in-Rochester "Cultural Exchange" 2005 - 1/10/2005
The Cultural Exchange kicked off superbly as Rochester's Cantor Sam Asher visited Modi'in in September.
Journey for Identity - June 2005 - 1/8/2005
The Journey for Identity, an extraordinary opportunity for teens developed through the partnership between Rochester and Modi'in, is a three-week transcontinental journey that will be a life-changing
Journey for Identity, The Rochester - Modi'in Partnership - 1/8/2005
The first known program of its kind, The Journey for Identity was developed by the Rochester, NY- Modi'in, Israel partnership for a select group of 28 teens, 14 from each community.
Education Bridge - Spring 2005 - 1/5/2005
The Education Bridge is well underway as of Spring 2005. Twenty-five educators from Rochester and 25 from Modi'in have been matched to begin to establish ties across the ocean.
Modi'in-Rochester Partnership Logo Contest - 1/4/2005
Logo Contest Rules And Regulations First Draft Introduction Modi'in-Rochester P2K which was establish by the Jewish agency is a partnership between the citizens of Modi'in and the Jewish community
Modi'in-Rochester Partnership Marks First Anniversary - 1/1/2005
Just a year since its inception, our Partnership 2000 connection with the people of Modi'in, Israel is thriving.

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