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Education Bridge - Spring 2005

P2K Education Bridge orientation - educators chatting.

The Education Bridge is well underway as of Spring 2005. Twenty-five educators from Rochester and 25 from Modi'in have been matched to begin to establish ties across the ocean. The projects they develop will vary from email correspondence, the sharing of curriculum, art and other student projects, and the like. The nature of each partnership will be determined, under established guidelines, by each pairing.

One such partnership is between Barry Gruber, Principal of Temple Beth El's religious school in Rochester, and Danny Shteiner, Principal of the Yachad school in Modi'in. Barry visited Yachad during a trip to Israel, meeting teachers and students and bringing with him videotaped introductions of his students. In turn, Danny videotaped his students for Barry to take back. Students in both schools are communicating with each other, asking questions about life in their respective communities.

The 25 pairings include Jewish educators of children in kindergarten through 8th grade.

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