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Ofakim-Merchavim - MetroWest
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Alei Negev Village Training Course
Twenty five participants completed the fist Alei Negev Village training course and qualified to work as care givers for people with special needs at the Village.
Ofakim Young Emissary Asks Deep Questions
Hi, my name is Menashe Ohanuna, but my friends call me Meni, I am from Ofakim and I am spending a year in MetroWest, New Jersey. This morning I awoke again to the world of being an "emissary".
Otzma Volunteers Assist in Ofakim-Merchavim Schools
Otzma volunteers Rachael, Rachel, and Erin are ready to assist in Ofakim – Merchavim.
Metrowest Leadership Launches Time-Bank Project
The project involves Ofakim community volunteers painting all of the public waste disposal bins in the city – 198 in all.
Metrowest Leadership Visits Youth Futures School
United Jewish Communities of MetroWest has joined the Jewish Agency Youth Futures initiative, partnering to create an Israel of equal opportunity for youth in Ofakim.
Metrowest Leadership Mission Dedicates Friendship Traffic Circle in Ofakim
On Thursday, September 22, the leadership mission from Metrowest dedicated the friendship traffic circle in Ofakim.
Time Bank, a Unique Way to Volunteer
5000 Participate In The “Partnership 2000” March
The “Partnership 2000 in the Negev” March took place last weekend marking the 50th anniversary of the city of Ofakim.
A Giant Mosaic Of The Statue Of Liberty
A giant mosaic, created by 60 youth and children in Ofakim, will soon be sent to New York to be sold.
The “Dental Pub” In Ofakim
The “Dental Pub” served for many years as a dental clinic.
Solomon Schechter Day School
Fifty-Six High school seniors from the Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union spent an amazing, inspirational, fun-filled week in Ofakim with Israeli high school students.

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