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Long School Day Project - the Experimental Hagiva State School, Ofakim

By: Etti Ateli, School Principal

During the 2005-2006 school year the experimental features, including the long school day (until 5:30 pm) and enrichment activity, continued to be operated.

The pupils received extensive study assistance and were exposed to excellence-fostering activity in a variety of areas.

The entire pupil population was assessed and, after mapping their needs, professionals were recruited for holistic, para-medical therapy.

The pupils received hot, nutritious meals, and were offered a wide range of enrichment and hands-on activities which do not exist in the formal education system.

Parents were involved in setting scholastic, emotional, social and behavioral goals for their children.  Each child and his parents sign an "improvement pact" in which the teachers also take responsibility for attainment of the goals set.

We are promoting an attitude of overall responsibility on the part of each of the child's service-providers, as well the child himself, who is expected to take responsibility for improving his attainments.

The New Jersey community budgets have been of direct assistance in recruiting professionals and academically-trained personnel to provide teaching staff and pupils with tools for coping with difference and developing skills.

I would like to express my deep appreciation of the generous support provided by the MetroWest, New Jersey community.  I wish personally to thank each and every member of the community who has contributed to enabling our pupils to overcome their difficulties and fulfill their potential. 

As the new school year opens we are identifying additional needs of the pupil population and are working to address these needs.

Blessings to all of our esteemed partners.

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