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Dear Friends,

As we mark the 10th anniversary of our partnership it is our pleasure to send you our greetings and wishes for many more years of cooperation.  The United Jewish Communities of MetroWest NJ is committed to Partnership 2000 with Ofakim-Merchavim and over the years many leaders from our community visited the region, took active part in the programs and projects and served as members in our steering committee.

Right now as current chair of the Partnership, we are committed to take this responsibility on ourselves and together with the professional staff, we will take the partnership to the next phase.

It is clear that the path that the partnership is taking is about introducing additional Living Bridge options as well as increasing involvement in the educational system both formal and informal.  At the same time, we see more and more "over and above" projects, special allocations and donations to the region as a result of the growing connections and encounters between the two communities. 

The last few months, during the Second Lebanon War and the social, political turmoil that was a result of the war, we were very busy raising funds through our Israel Emergency Campaign to rebuild the Galilee.  We were able to raise more than $5 million dollars for this purpose and involved many new donors and supporters of Israel.  At the same time, we didn't forget our ongoing commitment for dealing with issues such as the development of the Negev and helping social needs in our partnered communities.  We even developed a joint activity between the youngsters of Ofakim-Merchavim and the North.

Lastly, we would like to welcome you all to our joint steering committee meetings in MetroWest NJ.  Every year, the leaders of our community look forward to the visit of our partners in Ofakim and Merchavim.  This year is no different.  Please help us to provide the best planning for your visit by giving any suggestions you have for the issues you need to learn, the people or institutions you need to see or the places you need to visit so that we can make your stay as rewarding as possible.  We are happy you are coming and await your safe arrival.

Wishing us all successful deliberations and enjoyable visit,

David Lentz and Lee Gladstein
Co-chairs, P2K MetroWest

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