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Remarks from the Education Subcommittee Chair - Dalia Yosef

The education subcommittee of Partnership 2000 began to take shape about a year ago. Since then the subcommittee has undergone a significant adaptation process and also recruited a regular group of leading volunteers with the aid of Sigal Drori-Pazy and Cochie Abuharon.

The subcommittee's efforts began with setting objectives and goals, where the overriding goals are to bring about meaningful changes in the community while emphasizing the systemic and individual needs in the Ofakim-Merhavim area, to be involved in the community-educational endeavors through the projects conducted in the framework of the Partnership, and to engage in launching new projects.

During the course of this year the subcommittee members met with coordinators and other key people involved in operating the projects, prepared the projects in the field and proposed recommendations. Later, the subcommittee members initiated and participated in meetings with the project coordinators and those responsible for implementing the projects in order to develop, together with them, operating procedures, policies and cooperative ideas for promoting the project in the field; and also to examine how the subcommittee members can contribute to the project's development.

The following are a few examples:

1. The Art Project: A few meetings were held to develop cooperative ideas for recruiting students who would be appropriate for the project, to discuss the recruitment process and its significance, and to formulate and plan the project's influence upon the community and ways to increase the community's involvement in it.
2. The subcommittee members participated in determining project policy, and in the interviews to screen project participants, as well as in the discussions about themes for the workshops, etc.
3. The subcommittee members participated in the evaluation meetings for the Heznek Project, and familiarized themselves with the project in the field.

As members of the Education Subcommittee we feel that we are privileged to be partners in this welcome enterprise in the Merhavim-Ofakim area, and to be a part of the Ofakim-Merhavim-MetroWest extended family which spans oceans and continents.

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