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Galilee Panhandle - Canada
A Decade of Partnership
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Talmud Torah Mission to Alei Givah
The "Living Bridge" P2K Mission to Edmonton
The "Living Bridge" Mission to Edmonton Talmud Torah
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Our Home Away From Home

Although we came to Kiryat shmona without a group, we have never felt alone. The community here is extremely warm and welcoming and there is a distinct sense of family. Beyond the hospitality , we have had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in various volunteer experiences.  more

The "Living Bridge" Mission to Edmonton Talmud Torah

A ten-student mission from the "Emek Hahula" 9th grade went to the "Talmud Torah" in Edmonton, Canada. We were very warmly received.  more

Talmud Torah Mission to Alei Givah

Both teachers, Adam and Fred, thought that the visit was good and that it attained its "living bridge" goals. They felt that the professional connection between them and the teachers was excellent, they succeeded in getting to know the students well and that they were part and parcel of the school staff.  more
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