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Visits in Ramat Negev - 1/12/2005
During the Sukkot holiday Marsha, Ian and Hillary treated us to a very exciting visit.
900 Teens Improve the Environment in Ramat Negev - In Memory of Yossi Yafeh, z"l - 1/12/2005
During Sukkot, around 900 teenagers from the national "B'nei Hamoshavim" movement came to Ramat Negev to make a meaningful contribution to the environment in the region.
Thirteenth Annual Ben Gurion Hike in Ramat Negev - 1/12/2005
December 10th 2005, various hiking trails in a unique desert environment - enjoyment for the whole family! The hike, which takes sports-lovers on a journey through the spectacular landscapes of the
Loan Fund Established by the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado - 1/12/2005
The Loan Fund established by the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado (from the VIP Budget).
Ayalim Project: Students from Israel and Abroad Build Village in the Negev - 1/12/2005
During the past few months something amazing has been happening at the Adiel Student Village! Every week about 30 student volunteers came to build, with their own hands, their home in the Negev.
Ramat Negev Youth Mission to Poland - 1/12/2005
The Ramat Negev Youth Mission just got back from its trip to Poland. 27 teens from the various community villages of Ramat Negev participated in the mission.
Two Congressional Delegations Visit Negev Area - 1/12/2005
Dear Shmuel, We are writing to thank you for the great effort you made in coordinating the visit to the Negev of two Congressional delegations that visited Israel last month.
Events Marking the Council's 50th Jubilee Anniversary - 1/11/2005
This year the Ramat Negev Regional Council celebrated its 50th Jubilee anniversary.
Four Ramat Negev Desert Cities Declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO - 1/11/2005
Four historic desert cities, all of them situated in the Ramat Negev Regional Council and active in the time of the Nabatean spice trade, were added to the UNESCO list of world heritage sites in July.
New Vineyard in Ramat Negev - 1/11/2005
At this time, grape picking has begun at the family farms in the region.
The Disengagement Process - 1/11/2005
Despite heavy apprehensions, the disengagement process ended without any exceptional events and much more quickly than planned.
Events, Visits and Excitement in Ramat Negev - 1/11/2005
This hot summer has been packed with events, visits and excitement in Ramat Negev! A fair summary of the visits of various missions from Denver is expressed in the following letter that was sent to
Har Hanegev Search & Rescue Unit Delegation to Colorado - 1/11/2005
A delegation of ten volunteers from the Har Hanegev Search and Rescue Unit, headed by (female) commander Orly Sharir, has currently visited in Colorado for a joint training camp with the Rocky
Colorado Families Mission - 1/11/2005
A total of 76 participants – 37 kids aged 5-16 and 39 adults, including some grandparents aged 75 – came to Ramat Negev on a Families Mission and stayed with us for two days.
Ramat Negev Youth to Colorado Summer Camps and Israel Study Tour (IST) to Ramat Negev - 1/11/2005
Four Ramat Negev youths have left to attend Camp Schweider and another group of eight will depart in mid-July for Ranch Camp. They all look forward to a meaningful, memorable summer experience! ...
Halutza Olive Oil – A Galloping Success Abroad! - 1/11/2005
The finest quality Halutza olive oil from the largest olive orchards in Ramat Negev never rests and never ceases to make us proud.
Israeli-Egyptian Joint Ventures in Agriculture and Tourism - 1/11/2005
Discreetly and behind the scenes we are acting to promote collaboration on agriculture and tourism projects with Egypt in the Nitzana region.
A New Crop in Ramat Negev - the Slikorenia! - 1/11/2005
The Slikorenia is an edible vegetable that grows in salty water and has a slightly salty flavor.
Visits to Ramat Negev - 1/11/2005
In August we had the honor of an extremely important visit to Israel and the Negev. At the initiative of AIPAC and in conjunction with Deputy Prime Minister Mr.
Ayalim Association - 1/11/2005
The Ayalim Association was founded in September 2002 by a group of young army veterans, who set out to strengthen the settlement movement in the Negev and the Galilee, while educating towards Zionist
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