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Updates from Ramat Negev - 17/12/2007
Our dear friends overseas, 2007, which is rapidly drawing to a close, has been a good year for the development of Ramat Negev.
Dedication of the Park at the Adiel Student Village - 25/9/2007
In the very heart of the new neighborhood at the Adiel Student Village, featuring permanent housing built of mud bricks, a new park of astonishing beauty and design has been established.
Youth Activities in Ramat Negev - 25/9/2007
This past summer was packed with activities for the youth in Ramat Negev, much of which was made possible with the kind assistance of the Colorado Jewish community.
Visitors in Ramat Negev - 25/9/2007
An historic encounter of Israeli and Iraqi young people After war, it's time for peace.
From the Material World to More Lofty, Spiritual Matters... - 25/9/2007
End-of Summer Celebration for the Region's ResidentsWith the generous assistance and support of the Jewish community of Colorado (from the Partnership 2000 budget), all of the council's residents
Update from Mayor Shmuel Rifman - 25/9/2007
By Shmuel Rifman, Mayor, Ramat
Shana Tova 5768 - 17/9/2007
The Illegal Immigrants from Africa and Refugees from Darfur - 3/9/2007
The State of Israel has decided to set up a special site for the intake of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa and refugees from Darfur who have been entering Israel via the Egyptian border.
Partnership 2000 Conference in Newark - 26/6/2007
In mid-May Jerry Lukton (a Denver representative on the joint Partnership 2000 steering committee) and Raz Arbel of Ramat Negev participated in the Partnership 2000 conference in Newark.
I.S.T. Visit in Ramat Negev - 26/6/2007
On July 1-4 we in Ramat Negev will be hosting the I.S.T. delegation of around 100 teenagers from Colorado who are coming to visit Israel for six weeks.
Israeli Teen Delegation to Denver Summer Camps - 26/6/2007
In early May, the participants were selected for the delegation of teens going to summer camps in Denver. Like last year, this delegation also consists of 10 campers and 4 assistant counselors.
Women's Basketball - 26/6/2007
The women's basketball team of Hapoel Ramat Negev recently made history by moving up to the National League after finishing the season in first place in a lower league.
Scholarships - 25/6/2007
In early June, 15 teenagers from Ramat Negev communities received scholarships for excellent achievements in the fields of dance, sports and music.
“Shanty in the Desert" Project - 25/6/2007
Attended by Welfare Minister Yitzhak Herzog and many honored guests, a cornerstone-laying ceremony was held in mid-June for the "Shanty in the Desert" project.
From Mayor Shmuel Rifman - 25/6/2007
By Shmuel Rifman, Mayor, Ramat
The Community Mission - 15/4/2007
20 members of the Community Mission stayed with us for 3 days and toured various attractions in Ramat Negev. The delegation was divided into two groups, the "veterans" and the "newcomers".
Bike-riders on the "Bike Negev" Route - 15/4/2007
The riders crossed 250 km on dirt roads in 7 days.
Shmuel Rifman, Ramat Negev Mayor - 15/4/2007
Shmuel Rifman appointed Chairman of NitzanaShmulik Rifman, mayor of the regional council, has been appointed chairman of Nitzana, an appointment proposed by Jewish Agency chairman Mr.
Awards - 15/4/2007
Ayalim receives the "Yigal Alon Award"The Ayalim Student Association was recently honored by the first pioneers of Israel, the founders of the Palmach, who presented the organization with the "Yigal
"Am-Shav" Incubator - 15/4/2007
The Commission on Incubators led by Dr.
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