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Ramat Negev - Denver
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The 12th "Sounds of Music in the Desert" Festival

"Sounds of Music in the Desert" is a festival of original Israeli music – a unique event on the cultural map of Israel.

Hundreds of people from all over the country came this year to our 13-day festival in Ramat Hanegev to listen to an

array of concerts featuring compositions of both light and classical music written by Israeli composers, young and old, immigrants and native-born Israelis.

Premiere performances of brand new compositions were played, as well as pieces that were newly arranged especially for the festival and old favorites that audiences love to hear, year after

"Sounds of Music in the Desert" is, first and foremost, a stage for young composers and performing artists at the start of their career and, indeed, very many of this year's participants belong to a new generation of promising musicians,composers and arrangers, attracting enthusiastic audiences to Ramat Hanegev from all around Israel.

Late in the evening, stages were open to young composers and performers, for whom this was their first time on stage, to gain maximal exposure to an audience of music lovers.


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