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Partnership 2000 Background

Partnership 2000, a leading project of the Jewish Agency and Jewish Federations across North America, is a new and powerful way for Israelis and Diaspora communities to get to know each other. The model succeeds in developing direct, personal contacts between Jewish communities around the world and areas in Israel. To date there are more than 40 partnerships which connect many Jewish communities to Israel, expanding relationships and establishing joint activities.

Partnership 2000 Rosh Ha'ayin - Birmingham - New Orleans

The partnership between the citizens of Rosh HaAyin and the Jewish communities of Birmingham, Alabama and New Orleans, Luisiana was launched in August 2005.
Birmingham and New Orleans community leaders traveled to Israel to meet their colleges in Rosh Ha'ayin and some of the steering committee from Rosh Ha'ayin visited last month the federations in Birmingham and New Orleans There they met their partners.

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