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Dearest partners,

I am very pleased to be taking part in this year's steering committee of the first partnership in Israel. I am proud to join a group of leaders - new and veteran members alike - who give of their time, interest, resources and efforts in order to promote and advance our work and achievements in the region.

A true sense of renewal is in the air, with new chair people both here and in Palm Beach, several new volunteers who have joined our ranks and a process of reviving and reorganizing all of our P2K committees. All of this will lead our partnership forward with a new momentum, including - and despite all the difficulties - the implementation of new programs and ideas…

Renewal demands courage and an ability and willingness to cope with challenges, "labor pains" and obstacles along the way. Meanwhile, the challenging process testifies to the fact that all of us believe in the new direction we are taking, as we work patiently but diligently with a full understanding that change will not happen overnight…

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our outgoing chair people, Sheryl and Tommy Davidoff and Yossi Oz, who served P2K faithfully and devotedly for so many years.

And many thanks to all of our veteran volunteers who continue helping P2K Tzahar march forward, welcoming new members and teacing them the P2K "Torah", often reminding us that with all due respect to renewal and revival, there are still many "old" principles and knowledge that must be preserved..

To our chair people, volunteers and partners, we welcome you and wish you much success and satisfaction in your new endeavor!

We also wish to thank our P2K program operators for their loyalty and flexibility in these most difficult times of cutbacks and downsizing. Yet despite such difficulties, it is important to emphasize that any idea of compromising the level or quality of any given project was never been an option for them!

To the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County and our Jewish community partners - our hearts are with you over the terrible crisis you experienced this year. Indeed, we stand in awe and appreciation of the fact that despite the difficulties so suddenly thrust upon you, the continuity and functioning of our partnership remained a supreme and uncompromising value to you all. Thank you so much for that!

Iris Meidan
P2K Director

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