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"Joint Artistic Reading", Ort Aliya Shniya Akko

This is the second year in which Akko's Ort Aliya Shniya Junior High School and the Akiva School in Washington have participated in a "joint reading" project.  This year's participating class is music class Tet 4; one can sense the degree to which the project is taking on an artistic, creative character.

Within the project framework a joint virtual exhibition will be held, to which both partners will contribute paintings of scenes from two books on the Holocaust  Uri Orlev's Run Boy, Run and The Island on Bird Street.  The pupils also learned about music in the ghettos; in preparation for Holocaust Remembrance Day they will be holding workshops on this topic for pupils at the school.  They will also organize the school's main Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, to be screened in the twin community.

Orli Mensharov, the class homeroom teacher and the school's partnership coordinator, contacted the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum for assistance in adding depth to the pupils' learning experience.  Anat Carmel of the Yad LaYeled Children's Museum invited the music class to take part in a special learning activity on the topic of music in the ghettos.

What you see before you are some early examples of the artistic activity taking place on the Israeli side pictures from Run, Boy, Run


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