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Yokneam-Meggido - Atlanta-St. Louis
Otzma 2009-2010
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Summer Camp 2008
Kefiada 2007
Otzma 2006-2007
Journal of War and Peace
Journal of Aliyah
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Learn more about Partnership 2000 Yokneam-Megiddo
from the first hand experiences of residents, guests and volunteers:


                                     Otzma In Town

Journal of Volunteering - Otzma 2009-2010
by Otzma Volunteers

Andi Feldman and Max Samis from St. Louis and Tali Sachs from Atlanta will be blogging live from Israel while they participate in Project Otzma, a 10 month service-based leadership program in Israel. Their journey will take them all over Israel and they'll experience all kinds of opportunities: Speaking Hebrew, volunteering in an immigrant absorption center, working at an internship or kibbutz, and much more.

Midway through the year, Andi, Max and Tali will be living and volunteering in their Partnership 2000 region, Yokneam-Megiddo, for 3 months. Don't miss the opportunity to check out the blog and connect with Andi, Max and Tali...


Read the "P2K and Beyond" blog by Iris Feinberg                          Read the "P2K and Beyond" blog by Iris Feinberg

Partnerships 2000 and Beyond!
by Iris Feinberg

Iris Feinberg - a Board of Governors member of the JAFI, co-chair of Partnerships with Raya Strauss, a vice president at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, lives in Atlanta. This blog is dedicated to US/Israel communal partnerships facilitated by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the local Federation and Keren Hayesod communities around the world.


Joanne Loiben, Jane Diener & Morgan Amsler                                     Joanne Loiben with Yokneam campers

2008 Summer Camp Volunteers
by Joanne Loiben (St. Louis), Jane Diener (Atlanta), Morgan Amsler (Atlanta)

The exciting sequel of 2007 Kefiada volunteers (see below) is brought to you by the charming threesome: Jane Diener and Morgan Amsler from Atlanta, Kefiada alumni, who have dreamt about coming back to Yokneam for another volunteering session since last summer, and also Joanne Loiben from St. Louis, who were new in town, but already feels as if Yokneam was a home away from home...


Kefiada Blog by Atlanta & St. Louis Volunteers In Yokneam Summer Camp                                     Jane Diner & Elyse Miller

Kefiada Blog - Youth Volunteers In Yokneam Summer Camp
by Kefiada Volunteers

Heres the story of 9 amazing volunteers from St Louis and Atlanta who ventured all the way to Yokneam to spend their summer working extremely hard.  Through the haze of youthful excitement, cultural diversity and zionistic idealism these 9 individuals have come together to leave a mark on the 20 Israeli co-counsellors and 320 Yokeam kids that they have worked with this past few weeks. Not least of all they have touched the heart of the JAFI staff who have had the pleasure to work with them to this end. Read more about counselors' experience of volunteering and living with local families...


Otzma In Town - by Otzma Volunteers                                     Otzma In Town

Journal of Volunteering - Otzma In Town
by Otzma Volunteers

In late November, four Otzma volunteers arrived in our region (two girls, two boys) to contribute their time and energy over the next three months for the benefit of Yokneam-Megiddo. Discover what it is like to be a volunteer in Yokneam-Megiddo...


                                     Emily Schwadron

Journal of Aliyah - St.Louisian's First Steps In The Holy Land
by Emily Schwadron

Emily is a young, vibrant and zealous new olah from St. Louis. Emily lives in Jerusalem, studies Hebrew in Ulpan and is exploring Israel via her newly acquired Israeli friends. Learn about Emily’s tabula rasa Israeli experience depicted in her blog…


Journal of War and Peace                                     Hanan Caspi

Journal of War and Peace - Yokneam-Megiddo Personal Perspective on War
by Hanan Caspi                                                                                                           

Hanan Caspi, his wife Yael and their 6 children are veteran Yokneamites. Hanan is an electronic engineer and a Partnership old timer, both as professional (Regional Developmet Unit Director) and as lay leader. In his journal Hanan describes the recent warfare as it echoed in Yokneam-Megiddo...


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