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Student Scholarships
Jewish Agency Scholarships for Higher Education

As part of its extensive activity in the areas of education and social activity in Israel, each year the Jewish Agency's Scholarships unit provides assistance for tuition fees for students who attend recognized institutions of higher education in Israel. The tuition fee grants are awarded within the framework of designated projects operated by the Jewish Agency in order to help young people to develop, progress and succeed, in social and economic terms, as they acquire higher education, and as they take their first steps in integrating in Israeli society. The assistance is aimed at a range of target groups among students in Israel, with the emphasis on new immigrant students and students attended study programs in periphery communities in the Negev and the Galilee.

This assistance is made possible by the welcome contributions of the Jewish communities around the world, and donations from many members of Israeli society who work with the Jewish Agency for the benefit of Israel's younger generation.

Contribution to the Community

As part of its efforts to reduce gaps and to strengthen Israel's social foundations around the world in general, and in particular, in the Negev and the Galilee, the Jewish Agency initiates and promotes the integration of students within their communities in a range of programs in the fields of education, society and absorbing immigration. This contribution by the students, acts as an important factor in the strengthening of the community, and helps the Jewish Agency to attain its social objectives.

How to Register

Registration for grants is only performed via the Jewish Agency web site (Hebrew). The information on the site is periodically updated during the school year, and in accordance with registration periods for the various grants.

E-mail: Milgot@jafi.org
Tel: 972-2-6202969
Fax: 972-2-6202143

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