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Youth Futures in Dimona


For Youth Futures activities in Dimona Trustees have been recruited for the program, locally as well as through a group called HaNoar HaOved and HaLomed. These Trustees will treat 250 children and 50 teenagers, out of which 247 children and 48 teens are already working with Trustees, and 5 more participants are in the process of being enlisted.

Two Circles of Opportunity are operating in Dimona – Theatre and a Tapuah Computer Center. The Theater Circle is a great success among its 70 participants, out of which 20 are Youth Futures children. It helps keep them busy, and shows them how to develop their natural talents. The Tapuah Center teaches its 50 participants (all of them Youth Futures children) important computer skills with an added benefit of working in groups as well as individually, so that the children can learn how to work as a team.

The Mayor of Dimona, Meir Cohen, who is also a member of the Jewish Agency's Board of Governors, has been wonderful in his support of the Youth Futures program and its implementation. He has taken the program under his wing and the municipality is cooperating fully – the same as with the Head of the Education and Welfare departments. We are lucky to have such warm supporters in Dimona!

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